Order of the Awakened Spirit
The Order was founded on subversive creative expressions that celebrate the absurdity and dichotomy of life. Initiates of the Order have spent years of apprenticeship learning to seduce the dark arts and seek new perspectives in prohibited places. Do as thou wilt…
Prym Rum is Made Locally in the USA

Prym Rum, “AWAKE,” is a Chrysanthemum infused botanical rum made in New York State. Whole chrysanthemum flowers are soaked in rum for 24 hours resulting in a refreshing and unexpectedly elegant rum. The slightly sweet, earthy and floral notes are perfect for sipping and mixing alike and work well in both hot and cold cocktails. Chrysanthemum is believed to act as a natural stimulant bringing alertness and instilling positive energy and vitality to those who consume it. Produced and bottled by Prym, Yonkers, New York. Nothing is proper…

Currently available in the following states: CA, DC, ID, NE, NM, NV, NY, WV, & WY.


Under World

1 oz PRYM Rum Chrysanthemum
1 oz Mezcal Noble Coyote Capon
1/4 oz Amaro Averna
2 dash Angostura Aromatics
Brown Sugar Cubes
Glass: Rocks
Garnish: Grilled Orange
In a mixing glass add sugar cubes – cover them up with angostura – break them – add all ingredients and stir 30 times – single strain.

Coffee Me

2 oz PRYM Rum Chrysanthemum
1/2 oz Cold brew Coffee
3/4 oz simple syrup 
1 thick slice of fresh ginger 
Glass: collins 
Garnish: candied ginger & coffee bean 
In a shaker add ginger muddle – add all ingredients shake hard – double strain.

Punch You

2 oz PRYM Rum Chrysanthemum
3/4 oz pineapple
3/4 oz pomegranate
3/4 oz lemon
1 Scoop Orange Zest
Glass: collins
Garnish: mint crown / grilled pineapple
Add all ingredients to a shaker tin – shake hard and strain.