Prym® X Dr.Paco Cao


Artist and psychological mixologist Dr. Paco Cao presents a new process of making cocktails. This method transforms the way we usually consume cocktails. Instead of selecting drinks from a predetermined menu, the client fills out a questionnaire and, according to their answers, Dr. Cao creates a personalized recipe for each client.

Paco Cao is unfaithful to any particular medium. Employing a wide range of disciplines and materials, his work establishes a strong relationship between art, audience, and context as it challenges the boundaries between high and low culture. His work has been shown at and/or made in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, El Museo del Barrio, Creative Time, and the New Museum in New York City, as well as El Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain), MART (Rovereto, Italy), BOZAR (Brusells, Belgium), MUSAC (León, Spain), and MNCARS (Madrid, Spain). Cao holds a PhD in art history from the University of Oviedo, Spain.

Louie and Chan
303 Broome Street
New York City 10002
Tel: 212-837-2816

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Prym® Rum Standard — The Light Rum with dark Taste
Refining and redefining rum, Prym™ is filled with character and sophistication. A subtle rum that is light on the eyes but dark in spirit. By coupling advanced innovation with time-honored traditions we capture an unexpected smoothness and clarity found only in Local Choice TerrePURE Spirits. We take an aggressive approach to the “dark” side WITH A RUM YOU CAN SIP—maintaining the taste but eliminating the chaos — nothing is proper…

Table Manners : Rule No. 2

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Table Manners : Rule No.1

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