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Prym® Standard

The Light Rum with dark Taste

Refining and redefining rum, Prym™ is filled with character and sophistication. A subtle rum that is light on the eyes but dark in spirit. By coupling advanced innovation with time-honored traditions we capture an unexpected smoothness and clarity found only in Local Choice TerrePURE Spirits. We take an aggressive approach to the “dark” side WITH A RUM YOU CAN SIP—maintaining the taste but eliminating the chaos — nothing is proper…

Made Locally In The USA

We are big on local! Prym Standard is produced in North Charleston, South Carolina restoring the tradition of colonial American rum production.

The first rum distillery in the British colonies of North America was set up in 1664 on present-day Staten Island. Rhode Island Rum even joined gold as an accepted currency in Europe for a period of time. Estimates of rum consumption in the American colonies before the American Revolutionary War had every man, woman, or child drinking an average of 3 imperial gallons (14L) of rum each year.

A Rum You Can Sip

The TerrePURE® Process : Local Choice Spirits use patented advancements in the age old art of refining ordinary distilled spirits to create ultra premium luxury spirits. The patented TerrePURE® Process, an ultra-sonic (sound wave) energy driven oxidation and filtration process that refines and rapidly matures grain neutral spirits more effectively than traditional multiple distillation, filtering methods or aging in oak barrels. Thus capturing an unexpected smoothness and clarity providing you with a Rum you can sip…

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