Don’t Feed the Models. Let Them Feed You…

A Performance-Art Experience at Sons Of Essex in NYC

Prym is the first spirits brand to embrace fringe cultures and question the unquestioned. Prym goes against the grain and empowers the underground voices that give rise to the future. The Table Manners Sessions promise to provide an intimate alternative dining experience crafted to open both your mouth and your mind. Prym invites guests to engage in a round table experience with experts that relate to the evening’s topic. The inaugural event on March 4th, 2014 is — Don’t Feed The Models. Let Them Feed You…

“While this may sound a bit obvious we guarantee it will be quite a unique evening. We only do things that we ourselves would like to attend. It’s about embracing the alternative cultures that we represent and embodying the ‘Not Proper’ ethos. Our whole team is super excited about this collaboration with Sons of Essex— we just want be guests at the table!” says Damian.

Seductresses courtesy of THE VANILLA PARTY… must see to believe.

March 4th, 2014

133 Essex Street
New York, New York